One more: ECO-SUSTAINABLE clothing

One More is an ultra-contemporary brand of clothing for skiing and outdoor born in South Tyrol in 2018 in the Dolomites: a territory where sport and nature come together in the local genetic kit. The immersion in the mountain environment and the experience of its environmental conditions have always marked the company’s mission: to create a line of clothing for winter sports avant-garde and environmentally friendly, for a dynamic life, in synergy with the high lands.

The circularity of the material is the basis of the brand’s qualitative research since its inception. From the very beginning the brand has focused on the use of recycled and recyclable fabrics and padding, within the limits imposed by the specific needs of technical clothing and the performance required. The fibres chosen for the padding are recycled from PET bottles, while for the exteriors ECONYL® has been chosen: a regenerated nylon obtained from waste – such as fishing nets, industrial plastic and textile waste – endlessly recyclable and thanks to which it is possible to create new products without the use of new resources.

Among the avant-garde materials chosen by One More there is also AppleSkin: a leatherette obtained from the processing of industrial apple waste, mainly from South Tyrol, an ideal alternative to animal skin.

All the items of the brand are characterized by design, comfort and freedom of movement, they adapt to every latitude and altitude and aim at the durability of a style beyond fashion, which remains current and performing over the years.