At Evolution Ski School you will find professional and specialized teachers, capable and patients who will manage both private and collective lessons creating with you the right empathy to put you at the center of the lesson with modern and effective methods.
The protagonist of the holiday will become you!
Improving to have fun means increasing your safety and skiing by doing less effort, passing through the lesson to a process of knowledge of fundamental movements by enhancing awareness of your technical and physical abilities.


The passion for snow is transmitted by EvoTeam, where you can find both ski and snowboard instructors specialized in teaching children and adults, Federal coaches level II and III for the competition, National instructors and former athletes of the Italian National Team, Alpine Guides for the Freeride. With us you can find the right key for your unforgettable mountain holiday. Consult our offers and choose the one that best suits you! We are waiting for you!


We transmit a continuous evolution of the technique of skiing and snowboarding with modern lessons to updated annually. Our team is composed of specialized ski instructors, federal coaches of II and III level, National Instructors and Former Blue Athletes; an Alpine Guide to make you live the freeride and mountaineering safely. We also want to create enthusiasm around mountain sports, where all students actively participate in our lessons and grow in level sharing with us unique emotions!

Coaching method in the perception of movements

The teaching is based on the new technical text of FISI 2018. Come and find out what level you are in and what level you expect to reach. In group lessons we will put the individual student at the center of the lesson, where the teacher will be able to effectively plan your improvement by customizing the lessons. Thanks to the coaching method the master will be a guide that will accompany you to the discovery of movements and your skills. Perception applied with a true modern method, will make you first feel what you do, then quickly improve in group! You can find them in private lessons with intercom private lessons will be on your own with your teacher, or you can choose to use them for an even more effective improvement with the help of technical aids that video analysis of your descents.

Play and Learn Method

It is the highlight of the Evolution Ski School. The secret lies within our lessons in which the teacher will be able to ski the children using the fun to learn! Stop the boredom that takes you away from the snow world and let’s start courses finally adapted to their age by making them live a real fairy tale on skis. The stories of our teachers with the delivery of the album and the cards, together with educational aids and games, will involve your children in the appropriate way. Want to see your child whizzing happy on the ski slopes? So, play and learn! Based on your needs and to ensure an effective lesson, our secretariat will be able to direct you either to group courses or private lessons.

Freeride and Alpinism, Introduction to Competition

Freeride and alpinism with the mountain guide to enjoy them safely. Courses both for beginners on the track in simple exercises “from track to off track”, both for experts to discover the most dusty channels of our area. In both cases explanation on the use of shovel-limb and probe. Or with sealskins you can climb different slopes of different levels to enjoy the descent in unspoilt scenery. Competition and introduction to competition /preparation selections ski instructors with the former world cup athlete Omar Longhi, as well as national instructor and coach level III. Your technical growth never stops! You will experience the adrenaline of descending in a giant track following his advice, with an easy start and proportionate to your level. Or finally increase your performance by knowing the real secrets of this discipline. The sports level will no longer be a mirage. Prepare in giant and on the bows with a National Instructor if you want to try the selections ski instructor.


A fantastic pink bear, son of a daddy bear and mama bear. All children love him and he will become their adventure companion during their ski holiday. Scritch will accompany your children in a fantastic week full of fun.