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Freeride Alpinism “Snowshoes”

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Freeride one day


Off-piste powder

The course that forms you in Freeride with the Alpine Guide to learn about the most sought after places by freeriders in the area while having fun in safety and facing exciting dusty canals.

Freeride Mini Course


3 half days

Learn about Freeride technique and safety by learning to use shovel-claw and probe. Maximum quality and performance with the Alpine Guide which, based on your level, will face the very first exercises from the off-piste slope to the search for the most difficult dusty canals.
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Heliski Freeride


Pure adrenaline for 4 runs

Departure from Passo del Tonale by helicopter. Together with the Alpine Guide 4 breathtaking descents with an altitude difference of about 3000 meters. Included in the price the self-rescue equipment (shovel-claw and airbag probe / backpack)

One day Ski Mountaineer Blackcountry


Mountaineering with the technique to improve safety

Notions and teachings directly from the Alpine Guide on how to walk and how to organize a climb up to 4000 meters, with climbing on the great walls of the Alps. Unforgettable scenarios in the mountains with the prevention of hazards and improvements to manage risks.
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Afternoon no Skiers Snowshoes


No skiers? No problem …

Every Thursday from 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm!
The alternative mountain awaits you! Basic path for walking immersed in the uncontaminated nature of Passo Tonale. Easy excursions with snowshoes, cut out your magic moment!