Private Lessons

Private Lessons

Prices and courses calendar

Low Season

From 01-10-2021 to 02-12-2021

From 09-12-2021 to 18-12-2021

From 10-01-2022 to 22-01-2022

From 20-03-2022 to 30-05-2022

Mid Season

From 03-12-2021 to 08-12-2021

From 19-12-2021 to 23-12-2021

From 30-01-2021 to 11-02-2022

From 06-03-2022 to 12-03-2022

High Season

From 24-12-2021 to09-01-2022

From 12-02-2022 to 05-03-2022

Private Lessons


Your Costumize Lesson

Totally personalized lesson dedicated to those who want the instructor all for themselves. EvoTeam ‘s instructors also available during night skiing.

1 hour private lessonLow and mid season

Price per person

High Season
Price per person
1 person€ 40,00€ 46,00
2 people€ 26,00€ 28,00
3 people€ 21,00€ 22,00
4 people€ 19,00€ 20,00

Evolution Video

(Improve Quickly)

2 hours of lessons in which the instructors will use a video camera to resume your descents. Seeing yourself on video and analyzing errors in detail will be a new experience and an important aid for those who wish to improve quickly.

Evolution Intercom


Improve Quickly

2 hours of lessons in which you will be in constant communication with the teacher through the Whisper intercom system. A small headset that will allow you to instantly receive the corrections needed to understand what is wrong, especially where you’re wrong.

2 hours of private lessonLow and mid season
Price per person
High Season
Price per person
1 person€ 85,00€ 95,00
2 people€ 55,00€ 62,00
3 people€ 45,00€ 50,00
4 people€ 40,00€ 45,00
5 people€ 37,00€ 40,00

Pakage of Hours

(Ski/Snowboard with Jibbing e Snowpark/Telemark)

Don’t Change your Habits

Suitable for the frequent visitors of our slopes and snow lovers who never tire of constantly wanting to improve.

Package1 Person
Price per person
2 People
Price per person
3 People
Price per person
4 people
Price per person
10 hours€ 365,00€ 235,00€ 185,00€ 165,00
20 hours€ 715,00€ 460,00€ 350,00€ 300,00
30 hours€ 990,00€ 700,00€ 480,00€ 430,00

ATTENTION: not applicable during the Christmas period

Full Day One Day


A Day with yuour 

From 10:00 to 16:00. The master will be the expert who will accompany you on the best slopes and in the most beautiful places of our ski area without losing sight of the technical aspect.

6 hours collectiveLow and Mid Season 
1 person€ 70,00 

ATTENZIONE: Prezzi non applicabili nel periodo di Alta Stagione. Pranzo non incluso nel prezzo